A Wild Goose Chase Christmas
Quilts of Love Series
Abingdon Press
November 1, 2012
ISBN-10: 1426752490
ISBN-13: 978-1426752490

An heirloom quilt, secret messages, a hyper dog, and a possible treasure make for an unforgettable Christmas.

Upon her grandmother's death, Izzy Fontaine finds herself in possession of a Wild Goose Chase quilt that supposedly leads to a great treasure. Of course, once the rest of the family finds out about it, they're determined to have a go at the treasure themselves. And, if that weren't enough, local museum curator Max Logan claims that Grandma Isabella promised the quilt to him. What is it about this quilt that makes everyone want it? Is Izzy on a wild goose chase of her own, or a journey that will lead her to the treasure Gram intended?

What people are saying about A Wild Goose Chase Christmas:
Jennifer AlLee hit a home run with The Mother Road, but she hit a grand slam in A Wild Goose Chase Christmas. These characters became family with all their quirks and dysfunction as they search for mysterious fortune alluded to in Gran's quilt. I'm a huge fan of AlLee. Novel Rocket and I give A Wild Goose Chase Christmas 5 stars. It's a must have for this Christmas! - Ane Mulligan, Sr. editor, Novel Rocket

A Wild Goose Chase Christmas is as beautifully constructed as the quilt at its heart. Snuggle up with it and a pot of tea for an afternoon and enjoy! - Adina Senft, author of the Amish Quilt trilogy

Jennifer AlLee has done it once again--created memorable characters that seem so real you expect to meet them on your next trip to the grocery store. Characters so enchanting that you root for good things to happen to them. A Wild Goose Chase Christmas will capture your heart, bring laughter to your lips and tears to your eyes as Izzy and Max discover the importance of family and love during one memorable Christmas season. Don't miss this one! - Anne Mateer, author of Wings of a Dream and At Every Turn

A story for all seasons! Don’t be misled by the title and think that this is a book you’ll only enjoy at Christmas time. A Wild Goose Chase Christmas is a story to be savored, no matter what the calendar says. Jennifer AlLee hooked me on the first page and never let go. With an endearing cast of characters, a hint of mystery and more than a hint of romance, this is a book I’m adding to my keeper shelf. A Wild Goose Chase Christmas comes with my highest recommendation. - Amanda Cabot, author of Summer of Promise and Christmas Roses


The Mother Road
Abingdon Press
April 2012
ISBN-10: 1426713126
ISBN-13: 978-1426713125

Sometimes, the end of the road is just the beginning.

Natalie Marino has made a career writing about happily-ever-afters, making her own life an open book in order to help others. She never expected her husband, to come home one day and demand a divorce so he can be with his pregnant mistress. To Natalie, who's struggled with infertility, it's the worst betrayal imaginable. She's still dealing with the shock when her father calls, delivering another blow: Her mother's Alzheimer's has progressed. He wants Natalie and her sister to come home while she can still recognize them.

Desperate for a change of scenery, Natalie decides a road trip is in order, even if her estranged sister isn't the most obvious travelling companion. She and Lindsay will take Route 66 – the mother road – from Santa Monica, California, to their childhood home in Illinois. But when she picks up her sister, she's in for another shock: Lindsay is pregnant.

In a road trip that's one part Lucy and Ethel, one part Thelma and Louise, the two sisters trade snarky barbs, visit quirky tourists spots, and dodge Ben, Lindsay's ex-boyfriend turned stalker. Will their trip down the mother road bring the two sisters closer together, or turn out to be the biggest wrong turn yet?

What people are saying about The Mother Road
With a compelling, fresh voice, Jennifer AlLee blends Americana with the trials of a modern-day family. The Mother Road's a simply smashing story. Not to be missed! - Patti Lacy, author of Reclaiming Lily

I felt like I was right there in the car with estranged sisters Natalie and Lindsay as they motored down The Mother Road toward a future free from heartache, loneliness, and fear. You don't want to miss this fun story that will tweak your every emotion (and a few you might have forgotten about)! I'm making space on my 'keepers shelf' for this one! - Loree Lough, best-selling author of more than 80 award-winning books, including reader favorite From Ashes to Honor

The Pastor's Wife
Abingdon Press
February 2010
ISBN-10: 1426702256
ISBN-13: 978-1426702259

He loves me . . . he loves me not . . .

Maura Sullivan thought she knew what she was getting into when she married soon-to-be pastor Nick Shepherd. But when “the other woman” in her marriage turned out to be her husband's congregation, she ran. Six years later, she’s back in the small community of Granger, Ohio, for the reading of a will that names both her and Nick as beneficiaries. Now Maura must face the husband – and the congregation – she left behind.

Read the first three chapters here

What people are saying about The Pastor's Wife
AlLee does a wonderful job of bringing her characters to life and making you care so much for them. I count myself lucky to have gotten an early look at The Pastor's Wife.
Mary Connealy, Christy award-nominated author of Calico Canyon and Montana Rose
Featuring realistically drawn characters and a theme so needed in today's it's-about-me society, The Pastor's Wife is a well-crafted, heart-stirring story of love lost...and rediscovered. In my opinion, Jennifer AlLee is an author to watch.
Kim Vogel Sawyer, bestselling author of My Heart Remembers
With every book AlLee writes, I am continually amazed at how intricately her stories weave throughout, both with captivating story lines and a clear, yet far from preachy, message of God's redemptive love. The Pastor's Wife is an absolute winner and a book I'll keep visible on my "favorites" shelf.
Sharlene MacLaren, author of Hannah Grace and Maggie Rose
AlLee offers an original perspective on some of the high and low points of being a pastor's wife. Maura doesn't come across as a very sympathetic character at first, but as the reader gets to know her, it's easier to understand her choices. This novel provides a fast-paced and touching story.
Romantic Times - 4 stars 
I really enjoyed The Pastor's Wife. It was a powerful story of healing and restoration, and of dealing with things the very things the heroine had tried to avoid. I totally understood her pain and found her inner dialog to be appropriate and believable... The plot continually moved forward and had no slow spots. The tension kept building and in so many ways was a very beautiful portrayal of how love for your spouse is supposed to last a lifetime. Obviously, that is not always the case and sometimes for very valid reasons. The message in this story was excellent and I highly recommend it.
Michelle Sutton, author of the Second Glances series 
Many Christian books, especially stories about divorce or contemporary life, have a tendency to be heavy handed and preachy. The characters can sometimes speak some sort of Christian-ese language that doesn’t flow well with what believers live and speak daily. This book not only does not suffer from that problem, it flows with realism and understanding. The struggles are relatable. The language is honest. The writing is simple and beautiful. Several times as I was reading, I wanted to find Maura or Nick and give them a hug. This was a simple, beautiful story of love interrupted, found, and built again. This book would be a wonderful gift for a pastor’s wife, a newlywed, a seasoned wife… You know actually, just forget the list. This book is a beautiful read no matter who you are.
Lori Twichell for

The Love of His Brother
Five Star
November '07
ISBN 13: 978-1-59414-609-1
ISBN 10:1-59414-609-8

After the devastating loss of her husband, Cliff, in a small plane accident, Whitney Poulten faces the future head-on. Rather than curl up in a corner, she decides to focus on what's still good in her life: Her family, her faith, and her unborn child. But she never expected Doug to come back.

After leaving home years earlier without even a proper goodbye to his family, Doug Poulten was considered something of a black sheep. But now he's returned, determined to make things right with his family. When he learns his brother is dead, his attention turns to taking care of his sister-in-law, Whitney. The last thing he expects is for brotherly love to turn into something much more intense.