I'd love to speak to your group. Whether it's a woman's group, writer's group, book club, home schooler's group, youth event… I've got something to share with you! Just contact me and we can discuss all the particulars. You can send an email to the following address:

jallee725 (at) hotmail (dot) com

Please replace at with @ and dot with a period. Also, be sure to eliminate all spaces and parenthesis. This helps me avoid spammers. Thank you!

Some of the subjects I'm available to speak on are:

Women's Issues
When God Answers Prayer… Kinda
When I was 10 years old, I was diagnosed with lupus and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Four years later, the Lord answered my prayers, kinda: I was healed of the lupus, but I still had the JRA. For years I prayed, begged, did all kinds of spiritual calisthenics, but the JRA stuck with me like luggage. Here, I share from personal experience, and Biblical examples, how to deal with prayers that aren't answered exactly as we'd like.

Your Body: Temple or Truck Stop?
You know that your body is the temple of God, but do you always treat it that way? It's not about living up to the worldly standard of “beauty” but being healthy and respecting the body that God gave you.

When God Cleans House
Have you ever gone through a time when you thought everything important was being taken away from you? I share my personal experience when God cleaned out my house to make way for something bigger and better.

Writing Topics
Journaling: Writing for Your Heart
Many people look at journaling as just keeping a diary of events in your life, but it can be so much more. This talk is all about how journaling can feed your soul and give you an emotional outlet when life takes an unexpected turn.

I've Got an Idea for a Book!
Have you ever said those words to yourself? Lots of people believe they have a book inside them, if only they had time to write it. We'll take a look at what it takes to be a writer, and whether your story is meant for the masses, or if it's just for you.

An Introduction to Christian Fiction
This talk gives a broad overview of the Christian fiction market including what it is, what publishers are looking for, and current trends.

Book Clubs
The Pastor's Wife includes discussion questions, making it perfect for book clubs. If you choose it as your selection, I'd love to visit your club and talk about it. We can chat via Skype, or I'll come in person if you're in the Las Vegas area.